My Forever Home


The cat may be a bit scruffy or dirty as he is looking for a home. It is a cat and that sort of explains the bit were it thinks ‘he is worth purring for’. He finds a home, which is a big change in the story, which affects a lot of stuff.


Cats are very smart animals so I would predict that this one is as smart as any other stereotypical cat. I don’t know how long he has been homeless for but he says he scavenges for food so he must be able to survive.


I think this character is feeling hopeful about finding a new home for him to stay in. When the family lets him into the house I think that he gets more relaxed and doesn’t have to be as alert.


I think he gets on pretty well with the family but at the start of the story it says he ‘had been booted out once too often’ which signifies that he didn’t get along with every owner.


I think it believed that he could find a new home and that he can be independent. In the story it talks about how he walks for ‘miles from where he used to call home’, at the end he is part of the family and Ethan becomes his best friend and has found his forever family.


It was -25° and I was trying to warm my hands by the small fire I had. The seals were making a racket outside it was like they were laughing at me for being so cold. I had 6 layers on and the icy wind still whipped through the door and I was still cold. 30 minutes later I fell asleep. My clock said I’d slept for 14 hours and when I walked out side the sun was out and the seals were still laughing. I was getting really annoyed by these seals and I was about to get my camera when I saw this baby one cutely laughing with its mum. I shot them both.



my cushion was like a rock last night. I could barely sleep. I think it was because I was going to meet scarlet the awesomest violinist ever. I am her biggest fan. but some times i talk about her too much and I get annoying. I know so much about her i know she loves to keep her plants nice and watered and she named her violin Katy. I am so exited to meet her. she’s so beautiful and she’s only 20. oh. my. god I entered this writing competition and I won! that means i get to go vip to the concert!!!



It was another boring day. At school. We were learning about Fractions but then the lights turned off, the teacher tried to turned on the lights but it wouldn’t work we’d have to work in the dark but I could barely see what I was doing. Then after 5 minutes of  darkness the lights flash on 5 minutes later they flash off. On, off, on, off but then the flash made me think this is pointless so I got up road my bike to the grid and shut off all power. the end.



Today was the day. Today was the day that my brother would take me out on the boating trip. I was staring at the clock all night hoping for  morning to come. Morning – I shook my brother awake and headed to the port. I said hi to the lime keeper he sells limes and owns an orchard. We run excitedly through the clock tower and into the boat. We take out the local rat and sail away. As we get further away we get more tossed about until my brother is thrown overboard. With no-one sailing the ship I’m stuck in the middle of the ocean forever.

Project Reflection



In term two we learned about adaptions and we were assigned to do a project about animals from the desert. Roy and I chose a meerkat. I thought that I did well at collecting information and answering questions. I could have worked on speaking more confidently and being aware of the audience.


Thinking about this over the holidays I think Roy and I did an acceptable job. My reason for this level is that we worked hard and did the best job we could do.

3 facts about Meerkats

  1. Meerkats appear to be immune to scorpion and snake venom
  2. Meerkats have a wide range of vocalisations, and warning calls are specific to each form of danger.
  3. A phenomenal sense of smell helps meerkats locate prey, which they then dig out with their long-clawed forefeet


2 Understandings

  1. I now understand that bolt holes can come in very handy.
  2. I now understand that a meerkat is a part of the mongoose family.

1 Wonder

  1. Why are meerkats only found in the southern part of Africa?

Science knowledge 

I learnt what adaptions really mean and how to use them. We named a lot of adaptions. I think we used a good amount so we got all the information we could, out of all the websites. But we should have maybe focused on their main adaptions so the audience could understand their basic adaptions. In later projects I will remember to focus on the key things that an audience can use.

Science inquiry skills 

I used what I learnt in math in my project to create a temperature graph that can help the audience understand data better. In the temperature slide I created a graph of the temperature over the months of the year. I thought this will help understand the wet months and the dry months. In the end, I thought I gave the audience a good understanding. I found that May, June, July, August were all the coldest months of the year. I can create graphs with information that I collect. This will help the audience understand data in other projects.

Personal and social capabilities  

Roy and I worked well together. Sometimes Roy would have to leave for his music lesson ( he has 2 instruments) and I would have to work alone. But I monitored in my head to make sure I knew what I had to complete. He also helps me if I go off track. We always monitored and checked that we were doing what we set for each other. I am going to try and use this in projects that need to be done.


I feel that I challenged myself throughout the project socially and mentally. I would have to work alone as Roy had to practise his instrument. This challenged me. I enjoyed presenting but I was worried how the audience took it in. A goal for next time is to work on presenting our work more efficiently.




Weedy sea dragons are found in the south and east coast.

Scientists are using a special face recognition software to name and (sort of ) tag them.

Rising sea temps are killing the kelp so they can’t blend in.


Sea dragons are on the near threatened list as the sea kelp disappears but new information could put them on the endangered list.

On the north side of Sydney you could find lots of weedys but now you could only find one or none


what one there diet?

The 100 wc of the century!!!

In the flash of lightning, I see a bull, a bull with red eyes filled with nothing but the reflection of my fear. I knew it was ready to charge, but It just stood there. The sweat leaked down my face, it felt like I was falling through blackness never knowing when I was going to hit the ground, never knowing when I will see light… But I’m here now. I feel terrible. I hear a loud grunt and see the bull charging. I start to run, suddenly I trip, the bull leaps…… I violently push myself out of the pillow. That was a horrible dream.


Yesterday I walked to the local Maccas. I ordered one big mac with a side salad and water. While I was waiting I watched the news, the reporter announced that paper mache’ hands were coming out of walls everywhere and nobody had an explanation. Except for a mad scientist from the moon, he said that there was a breach between two dimensions, between the paper mache’ dimension and reality. Later on, I got my big mac, salad, and water. I was about to take my first bite when a hand stole it. It was paper mache’ “Sigh, that’s annoying.”