fact 1. to place a turtle you need to type self.turtle=SpiteNode .

fact 2. you can share games to the app store .

fact 3. it’s the first school in Australia to be registered as a developer under its own name.

question 1. how long would it take to make a video game?

question 2. is python just for iPad?

wondering 1. is this the only school that does coding?


i know today will be boring I can just feel it. I Get out of bed and slowly walk to the lounge room ‘come mate you got to get ready to go, we’re gonna go to the park.’

‘I don’t want to go to a park, parks are boring.’ I groan

‘But this park has a story behind it’ replies mum

‘Sounds boring any ways’ I say back

‘Well if you don’t like we can go home okay?’

‘ Fine’

when I got there it looked like a typical park but something stood out. there seemed to be some sort of metal thing at some trees. I went closer there seemed to be a metal man wearing a cloak but he wasn’t alive it I looked around and I saw a little sign saying this figure has been sighted wondering around the park many times I look up and there is a man, in a cloak staring back at me.



oh no, today is the day, the day that all the toy robots I accidentally ordered will come this is going to be terrible. how will I explain this to my family? i can’t just walk in and tell my family that “I’ve ordered one thousand robots” i’d be grounded for two weeks.

well one day i was strolling through the internet when  something caught my eyes`it said:

are you bored of having no fun????

and are you tired of having no money??

well your in luck only for twenty dollars you can buy top of range robots*

(*theirs one thousand of them.) 

so i bought but as soon as I did I thought uh oh were will I hide them all?!



when I opened my eyes I already knew what day it was (also knew that tomorrow will never be like this)… I gracefully flew down the stairs towards the living room where my mum had a mat w/ a flame glowing on it she was about to set a fire in the fireplace because she knew it would be a chilly day.

I flung my stuff on and leapt outside and literally dove straight into the white stuff I celebrated by swimming through the white icy stuff everybody had come out to celebrate some ppl made snow angels some ppl had snow fights it was the best day ever.


today was the final day of building our stick house it may take a while no more than one day. my friends and I will meet up at the park and walk home from the park. frank will bring the door for the stick house on his radio flyer:

as we walk home we talk about what and who we will dress as for Halloween. frank’s dressing up as Frankenstein because it has his name in it. julie is going to go as a zombie cheerleader and Joseph will go as a where wolf when we got home, we got straight into it frank slipped the door into place while Joseph nailed the frame in. then things went wrong frank and Joseph got into a fight about nails and screws. joseph said that screws are better and frank stormed out of the room frank slammed the door and as the door slammed I knew that the twig house wouldn’t stand a chance.


breaking news!


“man found head first in small pond in Moonee ponds. witnesses reported that they heard a gurgling sound as they pass a pair of boots sticking out of the ground, lets go to Jim for more…” “Thanks Maria, it seems that the murder was simple the murder drowned him and had stuck him in the pond upside down… any ways as you can see he is wearing state of the art gumboots which are now 100% guaranteed no leaks👌👌👌👍👍👍👌 and one time offer- if you call now you will get not one but two state of the gum boots let me repeat two state of the art gumboots.”


the big black thing that I owned was so fun to ride on. you can also go fast (not as fast as a car)it goes well on many terrain and is helpful and environment friendly when needing to get around. it is about on year old bought around about 4-16. it is something that can get me from school and home and vice versa and can get me to other places as well. it is also good exercise if you ride for long distances you can also add computers to your thing that can measure speed and how far you’ve gone.





I love the park down the road it has such a green oval and the swings don’t make a sound. And you can go really high in them, you can also catch some REAL speed down the slide. but some things happened at the park everybody’s talking about at school. my school is called Brean Down primary school*. I was walking back from school when I saw it 2 gigantic footprints it was amazing how big they were. to be honest, because there is a military fort so close I think there was a bomb and a bomb disposal guy had to get to the truck and his feet must have sunk into the grass