“look!” I say as I point at a small ranger unit.
“nice eye, Marcus” replies Daniel.

CLANK! sounds the rock hitting the roof of the Unit, we wait 10 seconds….. nothing, we bolt inside.
after that, we start looting the place of important gear such as:
-new boots
-a canteen
-a bigger backpack

when I think we have some time, I turn on the T.V.

11-year-old Marcus & 13-year-old Daniel are still on the run from police. after purposely setting the school on fire Jim & Daniel are still on the lam.
Marcus here to explain mo-

“Ummm, Daniel?” I ask
“we seem to be on the television.”

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  1. Hi Fin. I really like how you used the prompt this week to tell a terrific story. Excellent use of quotation marks too. Your last sentence made me laugh!

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