100wc #2

Did you hear about what happened last night? apparently, a truck driver was driving on our local freeway when a GIANT wooden mannequin stumbled onto the road and was hit by the truck. Luckily the Truck driver was okay but I couldn’t say the same for the truck or the mannequin. the Truck driver said the mannequin fell in half and its lower half walked off one way and its upper half dragged itself the other way. anyways I’m going to start hunting for it. let’s hope that I can find it and sell it. wait what the heck is that!? 

One thought on “100wc #2

  1. Finn,
    this is an awesome take on this prompt. Your idea is clever, and I like the way you have created a report-like voice, but with light-hearted humour.
    Be careful to check where your sentences end and include full stops to indicate.
    Great work,

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