Goal check-in

    • Goals for semester 1 What I want to learn:
      • I want to understand government and democracy in Australia.
      • I am also aiming to make my writing more clear.


      List examples of things I could do that would show I am trying to meet my goal:


      I think I can show that I am trying to meet my goal by practicing 3 pages of hand writing every week.

      I can also show I am learning about government by writing down some notes on BTN videos relating to government.


    • Goal check-in
    • With the 1st goal i have watched one btn about Australian government through the entire term in my free time which i believed help me understand government better but i could have listened to more of them. 

with the 2nd goal i think i asked too much of myself to do 3 pages a week and could use another strategy. this term i think i could make sure when write to check that it is clear and readable and that if it isn’t then i correct it.

How I learn and behave:

I would like to think more flexible when working out problems.

I would like to create an organised, neat notebook on OneNote that I use frequently and is a good reference.

I want to make sure i complete all of my homework and i will have at most one homework missed each term.

  • List examples of things I could do that would show I am trying to meet my goal:


    • Try and find different ways to solve math problems.
    • Create pages in sections and label sections

goal check-in
with the 3rd goal i had totally forgot about but I have given new views to problems. this term i think i could make sure i remember the goal and that i can use different strategies.
With the 4th goal i had created a nice, neat & organised notebook this has helped me navigate my notebook and can now order my notes better. i also think my notebook is perfect for me and does not need any more work.


2 thoughts on “Goal check-in

  1. Oh my goodness Fin, I can see from your goals how busy you’ve been. I love that you’ve created a well organised notebook. That’s a big achievement and sounds like it’s really helping. 🙂

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