fact 1. to place a turtle you need to type self.turtle=SpiteNode .

fact 2. you can share games to the app store .

fact 3. it’s the first school in Australia to be registered as a developer under its own name.

question 1. how long would it take to make a video game?

question 2. is python just for iPad?

wondering 1. is this the only school that does coding?


i know today will be boring I can just feel it. I Get out of bed and slowly walk to the lounge room ‘come mate you got to get ready to go, we’re gonna go to the park.’

‘I don’t want to go to a park, parks are boring.’ I groan

‘But this park has a story behind it’ replies mum

‘Sounds boring any ways’ I say back

‘Well if you don’t like we can go home okay?’

‘ Fine’

when I got there it looked like a typical park but something stood out. there seemed to be some sort of metal thing at some trees. I went closer there seemed to be a metal man wearing a cloak but he wasn’t alive it I looked around and I saw a little sign saying this figure has been sighted wondering around the park many times I look up and there is a man, in a cloak staring back at me.



oh no, today is the day, the day that all the toy robots I accidentally ordered will come this is going to be terrible. how will I explain this to my family? i can’t just walk in and tell my family that “I’ve ordered one thousand robots” i’d be grounded for two weeks.

well one day i was strolling through the internet when  something caught my eyes`it said:

are you bored of having no fun????

and are you tired of having no money??

well your in luck only for twenty dollars you can buy top of range robots*

(*theirs one thousand of them.) 

so i bought but as soon as I did I thought uh oh were will I hide them all?!