Today was the day I would travel to South America. It looks great I’m really excited. I go tomorrow at 3:00 pm. South America looks really nice. it’s so rain-foresty I wondered how much trails there was. I got packing.

I was out side my house waiting for my friend to pick me up because my friends were coming to. we were waiting outside the gate to the plane my friends and I were checking every thing here and ready.

I had the best view from my little window thingy were so high up, then it suddenly went dark.


2 thoughts on “100wc

  1. I like how you told the reader what you think South America looks like and how it fell dark on the plane which left me wanting to read what happened after but I did notice that you didn’t put in the capital letters or grammar in the first, second and third paragraphs so I think that that is something you could work on.
    Great Work

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