My Forever Home


The cat may be a bit scruffy or dirty as he is looking for a home. It is a cat and that sort of explains the bit were it thinks ‘he is worth purring for’. He finds a home, which is a big change in the story, which affects a lot of stuff.


Cats are very smart animals so I would predict that this one is as smart as any other stereotypical cat. I don’t know how long he has been homeless for but he says he scavenges for food so he must be able to survive.


I think this character is feeling hopeful about finding a new home for him to stay in. When the family lets him into the house I think that he gets more relaxed and doesn’t have to be as alert.


I think he gets on pretty well with the family but at the start of the story it says he ‘had been booted out once too often’ which signifies that he didn’t get along with every owner.


I think it believed that he could find a new home and that he can be independent. In the story it talks about how he walks for ‘miles from where he used to call home’, at the end he is part of the family and Ethan becomes his best friend and has found his forever family.

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