BTN. Is space infinite


Is space infinite?

Well, we could just give up or we could investigate. So we headed to the planetarium for answers. Martin (the man we ran into there) explained that the universe had no edge or wall. He explained it was like a balloon so if you try to find the center you will just end up where you were before. But really no astronomer can answer that question but they’d probably love to have a go!

The evil inventor ant!



One day an ant was pushing a drop of water when


“MWAHAHAHAHA!! My exploding water drop works-”

“and hurts” squeaks the nearly unconscious ant.

“hush my nearly unconscious ant. Soon I will rule the world!”

meanwhile at the ant village…..

“I’ve heard rumours that the evil ant inventor broke out of ant jail” says one ant.

At the secret base….

“Henchmen!? Start making more exploding water blobs.”

“yes sir” say the henchmen

after a while…..

“Sir! Sir!-“

just as the door slams open BOOM!

“this is da’ Police!!! You are under arrest for making exploding water blobs! But before that would you like some water?”



The end.





GOAL: I would like to use more humour.

100wc #6

As I was walking through the museum yesterday I saw something very peculiar. They were frozen in place but they look to me as they were once alive. When I got home that day I told mum and dad about but they said not to worry about it.


The next day before school I caught a glimpse of the people again but this time they were holding guns. Why would they be holding guns? I thought to myself. At school, we were learning about ANZACs the teacher said there is a reminder at the museum that some of you may have seen. Oooohhhh that’s why.

Lest we forget.