Why I Want to be an S.R.C Representative

  1. I am kind, caring and respectful.
  2. I am optimistic about a lot of things. Including the fact that our school has a bright future.
  3. I would rather work on a team than independently. I’m flexible and able to work through conflicts and arguments.


Here’s a couple/a lot of examples of the ideas I have for our school:

  • Toilets on the oval (portable maybe?)
  • A “calm down” area outside: A Zen area where people could get away from the noise and chaos of the playground. It might have some outdoor pillows and/or beanbags and a quiet game area.
  • Bring back the giant chess pieces.
  • Art murals on the art room.
  • A “bus stop” on the school grounds for the walking school bus.
  • Plant some grass next to the bike shed.
  • Buy portable AFL posts.
  • Move and align soccer goals so they are not in the way of people doing cricket.
  •  Move crate over next to the storage shed.

I think all these ideas are possible because I have hope, courage and faith but this is your choice, your decision and when you chose you must chose loyalty, kindness, trust, and that’s why you should choose






Weather at Uluru made it look like about ten water falls were dripping from the big rock and it was Sydney’s hottest January ever recorded, the weather was so crazy this holidays.

As you’ve heard trump has become president and that’s spiced up the media and by Donald trumps “executive orders” he can literally do anything, including building a wall, immigration bans, and lots of other things.

Have you ever had the experience of having your school 5 seconds away from your house? Well in the middle of Queensland about 500km from Longreach, 6 kids live on a farmland and going to school 5 seconds away from where they live. At school they have to be taught on skype and if the network glitches than there will be a whole wave of problems.

That’s it until next time


letter to Libby – my holidays

Hey Libby,

Over the holidays I went to the most southern part of Australia AKA Tasmania. It was the best trip I ever went on. But there was a special reason I went to Tasmania, I went to Tasmania because I was born in the capital of Tasmania/Hobart and because I was turning ten mum and dad thought we could visit my birth place.

Princes pier/Melbourne

We drove for about 30 minutes and when we got there was a big queue/line. Its was almost sundown and there was a lot of people.


The captain woke us up at around fifteen to seven, you could see people walking along the ground beside the boat. I could hear engines revving up and we were ushered out of the room by my parents.


When we arrived we were a bit early so we had to wait until the lavender farm opened. When we got inside there was rows and rows of lavender bushes it was totally crazy!


At Bridport it was totally amazing we went down to a beach where we went rock pooling and I touched my first sea anemone. We also went to a place called mermaid lagoon it was were my mum played.


Scottsdale is where my mum grew up

And her dad made a log cabin.


We stayed in Scamander for most of our trip.

I also got a telescope which was pretty interesting.


In Bicheno we went to a place called nature world and it was the best I fed a kangaroo, a wallaby I also saw a Tassie devil get fed! We also saw a gigantic blow hole that shoots water up.

Maria island

We had to get on a ferry to arrive at Maria island (pronounced: ma-rie-a). At night you can hear wombats patter of wombat steps around the grounds. We also went to some really nice beaches. There was also a lot of history behind Maria island

South arm

In south arm I saw the place I used to live when I was a 1-year-old. I also saw the school that I was going to go to.

Port Sorrell

We arrived late at night and to make it even worse we had to wake up at 5:00 in the morning to board our ferry ride home!!