“Whoa,” I gasp as I hurtle through space. There some truly amazing sites on earth but none can match the beauty of the great expanse of space. I can’t stop thinking about if this trip is too good to be true. What if I get caught in a meteor shower or get caught in a supernova or even a black hole and plus I’m only a security guard that stole a ship, what one of those scenarios happened? I didn’t understand the instructions. I guess I’ll just have to try and understand it just in case those highly unlikely scenarios happen.


Dear reader,

At the pinks lakes there are amazing sights. For example: the purple otters are completely marvellous, they play around all day in the strawberry pink lake. The otters dig little burrows to sleep in the winter and are astounding figure skaters. All other figure skaters would turn green with envy if they saw the otters fly around the rink doing 750 degree spins 1 meter off the ground. I wish you could be here with me but… well you know, I sorta don’t know where I am on the map… any way I’m having a great time with these eccentric animals!



“Are you serious?” I moan as I stare up at the departure board. Our flight had just been delayed to 11 pm our flight was supposed to take off at 8 pm?! Great four hours of boring nothingness. “Ugh” I say.

2 Hours Later

Oh. My. Gosh, I just realised we will miss our plane to Seattle! “Dad, Dad when does it arrive?” I say
“when does what arrive son?” Dad replies
“the flight dad the flight”
“oh one-o-clock”
“oh god we’re gonna miss it… noooo”
“oh its okay. Their are gonna book another flight”
“phew” I exclaim.


goal: to create emotion

I shouted frantically for somebody to help even though nobody knew I was here. but I kept on shouting. the following day I woke up shivering. It was getting worse. the next day my hands went numb the next I couldn’t move them. the next thing I knew I couldn’t move at all. finally, I came to realize I was slowly dying. the next day I finally opened my eyes my hands were blue and shaking and my body was numb.  the beach was totally deserted with only driftwood to mark graves of fallen soldiers. crimson liquid slowly leaked down my chest from where I was shot in the shoulder there was a piece of driftwood next to me, this was it…



  1. E-sport is a competitive gaming
  2. Adelaide Crows are helping launch E-sport
  3. E-sport uses league of legends as their gaming platform.


  1. do they earn money?
  2. do they use any other games?


  1. I now know E-sport can improve collaboration skills & they can have a good time together.

source: http://www.abc.net.au/btn/story/s4823343.htm



  1. vikings weren’t just warriors they were traders too.
  2. vikings never actually wore helmets. they were put into an opera from the 1800’s
  3. Vikings weren’t actually called Vikings, they were called Norse people


  1. where did their myths come from?
  2. what materials did the Norse people use?


  1. I now know that Vikings did way more than just fighting and destroying, they had a peaceful side.


Source: http://www.abc.net.au/btn/story/s4823307.htm

100wc #2

Did you hear about what happened last night? apparently, a truck driver was driving on our local freeway when a GIANT wooden mannequin stumbled onto the road and was hit by the truck. Luckily the Truck driver was okay but I couldn’t say the same for the truck or the mannequin. the Truck driver said the mannequin fell in half and its lower half walked off one way and its upper half dragged itself the other way. anyways I’m going to start hunting for it. let’s hope that I can find it and sell it. wait what the heck is that!? 



1.The shuttle is made up 3 parts the fuel tank (its red), the powerful rocket boosters (SFB), and the shuttle bus

2.the fuel tank fuels only the shuttle bus that also has engine’s that help it get to space

3. the shuttle itself has five phases: launch, let go of rocket boosters, let go of fuel tank, let go of cargo, land


1 there was a shuttle age what is the age now?
2 what were the names?


I now know that the shuttle age was a great time of advancement, it is unfortunate that it had to end.


Goal: to engage the reader

“come on! wakeup! time to get dressed!”
“but mum Its Four in the morning”
“exactly! we don’t want to be late”
“For what?”
” For Our holiday”
“WHAT?! nobody told me anything about it the holiday,” I say with what sounded like a mix of shock and excitement
“We wanted to leave it for a surprise”
Next, I started to get dressed (mum had already packed my bag) and at 4:30 we leave. that’s when things get hard. for 10 minutes we were stuck in a traffic jam then we had to detour the long way around and once we got there we got lost and as we were about to lose hope the PA turned on: hello and excuse me for the interruption flight to Japan will have to be delayed because of somebody who left the luggage door open… Thank you

we all sigh with relief we won’t have to wait for the next flight. Yay!

Goal check-in

    • Goals for semester 1 What I want to learn:
      • I want to understand government and democracy in Australia.
      • I am also aiming to make my writing more clear.


      List examples of things I could do that would show I am trying to meet my goal:


      I think I can show that I am trying to meet my goal by practicing 3 pages of hand writing every week.

      I can also show I am learning about government by writing down some notes on BTN videos relating to government.


    • Goal check-in
    • With the 1st goal i have watched one btn about Australian government through the entire term in my free time which i believed help me understand government better but i could have listened to more of them. 

with the 2nd goal i think i asked too much of myself to do 3 pages a week and could use another strategy. this term i think i could make sure when write to check that it is clear and readable and that if it isn’t then i correct it.

How I learn and behave:

I would like to think more flexible when working out problems.

I would like to create an organised, neat notebook on OneNote that I use frequently and is a good reference.

I want to make sure i complete all of my homework and i will have at most one homework missed each term.

  • List examples of things I could do that would show I am trying to meet my goal:


    • Try and find different ways to solve math problems.
    • Create pages in sections and label sections

goal check-in
with the 3rd goal i had totally forgot about but I have given new views to problems. this term i think i could make sure i remember the goal and that i can use different strategies.
With the 4th goal i had created a nice, neat & organised notebook this has helped me navigate my notebook and can now order my notes better. i also think my notebook is perfect for me and does not need any more work.