ugh, stupid alarm clockI think as I snooze the clock. ‘oh no’ I say to no one in particular ‘today is Shrek on ice, anything but Sherk on ice!’ today was the day that we go to Shrek on ice my little sister has been begging our mum regulary for weeks on end, and well, I guess mum gave in.

this is gonna traumatize me forever.

when we got there the glass entrance door. the door was weirdly tinted lime. we took our seats and I bought some chips and while I was eating them I realized it was extreme chilly flavored Oh my god it felt like flame people were dancing on my tongue!



“I can’t believe how quickly there destroying the forest” my mum says.
“I know right, I really should explore the mysterious forest 1 more time” I reply
“You totally should.” exclaims my mum.
“Ok then I will” I say with new enthusiasm

I stroll into the forest and travel as far as I can until I don’t remember any of my surroundings…
I. am. lost.
I turn around and start back to were I think the direction of home was.
I keep on walking until I find a door…
I look into the door and I see, well nothing.
I dont know what to do so I take a deep breath and step through into darkness..







‘I want to spend some money today.’ I say to my self
so I stroll to the expensive shop and grabbed the purple leopard print purse and walked to the tennis court suddenly tennis balls come thundering down on my head.

‘AARGH!’ i shout
as tennis balls rain on me. after they stop I look at where it’s coming from and a leopard is using the ball serving machine.
‘ what the #@$! stupid leopard!’
more balls smash into the side of my head I stumble and trip that’s when I see the racket I reach out for it I then shield myself and I hear a growl/ roar noise and the tennis balls stop.


Today I was walking down the street when I notice in the distance there was a distressed bell ringing “ohmigad!” shrieks the bell.
“what was that?” I ask
“well I can explain that” says an echidna with a suit.
“I am the representative of the things that shouldn’t be talking society.
“wait whats the thing that sho-”
“call it TTSBTS” interrupts the Echidna
“whatever, like I was saying, what is it?”
“well when I shoot this enchanted, magical, diffidently not ridiculous or stupid make things talk gun!”
“Wait first: how does the gun work?” 

“well first you hold the gun then you pull the trig-”



“Whoa,” I gasp as I hurtle through space. There some truly amazing sites on earth but none can match the beauty of the great expanse of space. I can’t stop thinking about if this trip is too good to be true. What if I get caught in a meteor shower or get caught in a supernova or even a black hole and plus I’m only a security guard that stole a ship, what one of those scenarios happened? I didn’t understand the instructions. I guess I’ll just have to try and understand it just in case those highly unlikely scenarios happen.


Dear reader,

At the pinks lakes there are amazing sights. For example: the purple otters are completely marvellous, they play around all day in the strawberry pink lake. The otters dig little burrows to sleep in the winter and are astounding figure skaters. All other figure skaters would turn green with envy if they saw the otters fly around the rink doing 750 degree spins 1 meter off the ground. I wish you could be here with me but… well you know, I sorta don’t know where I am on the map… any way I’m having a great time with these eccentric animals!



“Are you serious?” I moan as I stare up at the departure board. Our flight had just been delayed to 11 pm our flight was supposed to take off at 8 pm?! Great four hours of boring nothingness. “Ugh” I say.

2 Hours Later

Oh. My. Gosh, I just realised we will miss our plane to Seattle! “Dad, Dad when does it arrive?” I say
“when does what arrive son?” Dad replies
“the flight dad the flight”
“oh one-o-clock”
“oh god we’re gonna miss it… noooo”
“oh its okay. Their are gonna book another flight”
“phew” I exclaim.


goal: to create emotion

I shouted frantically for somebody to help even though nobody knew I was here. but I kept on shouting. the following day I woke up shivering. It was getting worse. the next day my hands went numb the next I couldn’t move them. the next thing I knew I couldn’t move at all. finally, I came to realize I was slowly dying. the next day I finally opened my eyes my hands were blue and shaking and my body was numb.  the beach was totally deserted with only driftwood to mark graves of fallen soldiers. crimson liquid slowly leaked down my chest from where I was shot in the shoulder there was a piece of driftwood next to me, this was it…



  1. E-sport is a competitive gaming
  2. Adelaide Crows are helping launch E-sport
  3. E-sport uses league of legends as their gaming platform.


  1. do they earn money?
  2. do they use any other games?


  1. I now know E-sport can improve collaboration skills & they can have a good time together.

source: http://www.abc.net.au/btn/story/s4823343.htm



  1. vikings weren’t just warriors they were traders too.
  2. vikings never actually wore helmets. they were put into an opera from the 1800’s
  3. Vikings weren’t actually called Vikings, they were called Norse people


  1. where did their myths come from?
  2. what materials did the Norse people use?


  1. I now know that Vikings did way more than just fighting and destroying, they had a peaceful side.


Source: http://www.abc.net.au/btn/story/s4823307.htm