Goal check-in

    • Goals for semester 1 What I want to learn:
      • I want to understand government and democracy in Australia.
      • I am also aiming to make my writing more clear.


      List examples of things I could do that would show I am trying to meet my goal:


      I think I can show that I am trying to meet my goal by practicing 3 pages of hand writing every week.

      I can also show I am learning about government by writing down some notes on BTN videos relating to government.


    • Goal check-in
    • With the 1st goal i have watched one btn about Australian government through the entire term in my free time which i believed help me understand government better but i could have listened to more of them. 

with the 2nd goal i think i asked too much of myself to do 3 pages a week and could use another strategy. this term i think i could make sure when write to check that it is clear and readable and that if it isn’t then i correct it.

How I learn and behave:

I would like to think more flexible when working out problems.

I would like to create an organised, neat notebook on OneNote that I use frequently and is a good reference.

I want to make sure i complete all of my homework and i will have at most one homework missed each term.

  • List examples of things I could do that would show I am trying to meet my goal:


    • Try and find different ways to solve math problems.
    • Create pages in sections and label sections

goal check-in
with the 3rd goal i had totally forgot about but I have given new views to problems. this term i think i could make sure i remember the goal and that i can use different strategies.
With the 4th goal i had created a nice, neat & organised notebook this has helped me navigate my notebook and can now order my notes better. i also think my notebook is perfect for me and does not need any more work.


Separation of Powers

Project #2-2d4j0pz

last term we learned about the Australian government.And at the end of the term, we chose a topic to make an Infographic about. We were asked to include good paragraph structure and to use important features of  an infographic,
For Example, You should use Icons or arrows to make it easier for the reader to understand or tier three words that can only be used via that topic. Mine was about the 3 Branches of government/separation of powers (Link at the top) and what they’re supposed to do. I wanted to include in my Infographic exceptional information order, to make sure the reader can understand what I’m saying and can navigate through the Infographic Easily.

Senators and the representative

Our representative is Bill Shorten of the Maribyrnong Ward

The senator from Victoria are Mitch Fifield, Bridget McKenzie, James Paterson, Scott Ryan of the Coalition party; Kim Carr, Jacinta Collins, Stephen Conroy, Gavin Marshall of the Labor party; Richard Di Natale, Janet Rice of the greens party; John Madigan from the Independent Party And Ricky Muir of the Australian Motoring Enthusiasts Party.



  • 1843- Australia’s first parliamentary election- No women were allowed to vote👎
  • 1902- Australia turns into the first country to give the woman the right to become a representative and the right( which will later turn into a responsibility) to vote.
  • 1903-Federal election- Aboriginies excluded from voting👎.
  • 1924-Voting becomes a responsibility.
  • 1929- Aboriginies are allowed to vote. BUT only if you’re in the military🙄.
  • 1962- All Aboriginies allowed to vote.
  • 1963-Have to be 21 years old to vote.
  • 1973-Can be 18 Years old to vote.


  • If voted into federal parliament does that mean you’re a representative of your ward or a senator?
  • How are the small group of countries that use compulsory voting-related?(apart from that they all use compulsory voting.)


  • I now understand that things have come along way with voting and that voting in Australia has a diverse history.


source: http://www.abc.net.au/btn/story/s4464749.htm



Yesterday was as normal as an Elephant riding a unicycle in the middle of the Ocean. Because yesterday I got caught in the most precarious situation. Heres how it began: That day my dad and I were going to watch a rocket take off. The rocket was probably the tallest thing you’d ever seen times by ten, And that was from about 10 kilometres away. anyways about twenty minutes later they started the countdown…
“T minus 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2- Hang I’ve just gotten information that a chicken is on the rocket!?” And at that second the only thing I could think about was how did he get there?


1 Summary

The main idea of the clip was to explain what a Governor General actually is, and what they do in parliament.

3 Facts

  1. The previous Governor General (GG) went to more than one event every day from the day she started.
  2. The previous GG also was the first woman to have the role.
  3. The GG can fire the Prime Minister from the office.

2 Questions

  1. Wouldn’t the GG need to speak with the Queen before making decisions?
  2. If the Prime Minister was fired, would they need to do another election in the following weeks?

1 Understanding

  1. GGs are technically more powerful than the Prime Minister (in some ways)


source: http://www.abc.net.au/btn/story/s3934588.htm


Oh no, not another tea party. I think the Giants are always having tea parties. they never think about us. there are always giant teaspoons in the backyard or ginormous saucers on the road. It is getting out of hand. that’s why when a tea party is happening nobody goes outside except for me. I always have a good a good eye for flying teapots and their lids. but one day I snuck out to go to the park and then there was a thundering WHOOSH!!! and SMASH!!! and when the dust clears there is a giant teacup embedded in the ground.



This clip told us about the 3 types of government from the that they were superheroes ( they’re actually not). They explained that their responsibilities were their superpowers. But in the end, they all worked together to run Australia.



  1. There are three levels of government: federal, state, local
  2. The federal law can override state law
  3. There was a time where there were no types of government



  1. What are permits for?
  2. When where the 3 types of government created?



I now understand that different types of government are more powerful than others.

100WC #4

“oh man not another vote again” I exclaim
“don’t worry honey one more won’t hurt” mum replies
” why don’t I just not do it?”
” because the government is in charge.” mum says
“but what if I was in charge?”
“maybe you should write a list so you can stop complaining!” mum snapped
“okay jeez”
I started the list:

If I was in charge of the nation…

  • kids would be allowed to drive.
  • no rules at school.
  • no chores
  • always allowed sugar
  • everything was free 

Australian Government

Dear mum & dad,

I learnt so much about government today. Dad, did you know that the constitutional document was created on the first of January 1901? Mum, did you know that Australia was influenced by America through the declaration of independence and was also influenced by England through Magna Carta? I also came up with a definition of Australia’s type of government. What I’m still wondering about is what is the difference between a prime minister and a president?

Hope you learnt something new,