it was only the first quarter of the game, we were losing by 10 goals. our team is good but they were exhausted from the big sleep over the night before and were very slow. then it started to rain and the team got even more tired. then at halftime, all the fruit had fallen off the table and we had nothing to eat. then in the third quarter, the team was bearly awake and we were being crushed. by then we had totally given up. so we forfeited, packed up and went home.

video reflection

3 facts

-April first, 1961- first man in space
-July second, 1969- first man in space
-1973- first space station (Skylab)

2 questions

-what happened to Skylab
-what was the thing they were building? (2:56)

1 understanding

-I know understand the importance of going to space and to keep exploring it.


link to the video:

please leave the answer to my comments below, I’m curious to what the answers might be.


“look!” I say as I point at a small ranger unit.
“nice eye, Marcus” replies Daniel.

CLANK! sounds the rock hitting the roof of the Unit, we wait 10 seconds….. nothing, we bolt inside.
after that, we start looting the place of important gear such as:
-new boots
-a canteen
-a bigger backpack

when I think we have some time, I turn on the T.V.

11-year-old Marcus & 13-year-old Daniel are still on the run from police. after purposely setting the school on fire Jim & Daniel are still on the lam.
Marcus here to explain mo-

“Ummm, Daniel?” I ask
“we seem to be on the television.”


how did I get into this? I ask myself as I try to escape the gorilla’s clutch.
‘wow, I’m running pretty fast, I don’t think I’ve ever run this fast before.’ I say to myself.
‘hoooo hoo haaaaaaa haaaaaaa’ replies the gorilla
I make a sharp right and keep running. BANG      CRACK!      SNAP!!
I think I’ve lost it. I think
‘hooooo haaaaaar!!’ screams the gorilla.
‘aaargggghhhh!’ I yell
I quickly turned around and shot away.
I keep on running until I can’t run any more I sit at the base of the tree and rest…
‘arrggh’ I scream and bolt straight into a brick wall all I see after that is yellow stars.

video review

3 facts
five people were sent in for 1 year.
they are located in a dome on the side of a Hawaiian volcano.
the trip to Mars could take 1-3 Years! 

2 questions
I wonder how the test went & what they got out of it?
It said: ‘We have the technology but there are still heaps of challenges to overcome.’- (this was in 2015) have we made any progress with these problems?

1 understanding
I now understand the problems that we might face if we went to mars

link to the video:

video review

3 facts
1. Olympus mons on mars is 3x taller than mount Everest.
2. the sun makes up for 99.89 of the mass in our solar system.
3. the solar system orbits the milky way every 250 000 000 years.

2 Questions
1. how does a planet become a gas giant?
2.  if when our sun dies it becomes a white dwarf, how are black holes made?

1 understanding
1. I now better understand the size comparison between the sun, Jupiter & earth.

you can reach the video via this link:



“Oh my goodness I just had the craziest idea, why don’t we all go bungee jumping” i exclaim breaking the morning silence
“nooo its too scary,” jack says over his cereal bowl
“pleease,” I say
“no. no no no no.”Jack replies
“why not?” I whine
” because I said so”
“oOh im so sorry your majesty” i say in the most sarcastic voice i can get
“fine we will go but then we will, then see who’s the smug one.” jack snaps

Jack goes first, he takes a deep breath. he gathers up all his bravery and walks off…


I had been planning this day since I was 11. I knew I would be crazy… I knew it would be scary but wanted to do it, needed to do it. I would probably remember this for the rest of my life.

As I walk to the plane a thousand doubts went through my head. When the plane takes off I wanted to go home. As the altitude slowly climb so did my pulse. When the altitude was right, I knew I had to jump. everybody was looking at me-It reminded me of when I had to do a speech in front of the entire grade of 5-6s. I take a deep breath and step into the abyss.

Goals term 4

so far this semester I have achieved:
to create a more organized work space via only taking the materials in need for that period.
to create a more organized plan before I start a draft of story.

I have not yet managed to:
understand all my multiple tables that I have set to complete but I now understand the 7 M.T’s to 12.
use Deep Discussion Question’s in my work.

during this term I am hoping to:
to create a better understanding of clauses & sentence structure.
to be able to produce quality poems.